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With our revolutionary new underfloor heating system can be installed over any existing floor in just one day.

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Our Underfloor Heating System


Our low profile over floor heating systems provides all the benefits of a traditional underfloor heating system with none of the drawbacks usually associated with underfloor heating. Our overfloor heating system uses the same quality products that are found in a traditional underfloor heating system, the only difference is that our overfloor heating is not encased within a concrete floor screed, instead the pipework is installed within a low profile high performance insulation board that can be installed directly on to any existing floor and when installed our overfloor heating system is same height as a 5 pence coin.  Tiles, laminate, vinyl, carpet or any type of flooring can be laid directly on our heating system with no additional floor screed required.

Why Our Underfloor Heating Works For You & Your Home

Energy Efficiant

Using heating water at only 30-45°C our systems use less energy, are eco friendly and can be heated using a variaty of methods.

No Need To Dig Up Floors

Our unique overfloor panels are installed over your existing floor, resulting in a fast installation time with little disruption to your property.

Cheap To Run

Our systems are 25% more efficiant than radiators and upto 60% cheaoer to run than electric underfloor heating.

Fast Heat Up Time

Our rapid response overfloor panels spread the heat 25 times faster than conventional underfloor heating systems.

For Every Room

Our systems are perfect for any existing room in your home, they are also ideal for extentions, conservatories and all new build projects.

Cost Effective Heating Solution

Our systems are perfect for any existing room in your home, they are also ideal for extentions, conservatories and all new build projects.

Traditional V Modern


Traditional Underfloor Heating

With a traditional underfloor heating system, heating pipes are encased within a layer of screed usually 70mm deep. When you include the depth of the insulation the overall depth of the underfloor heating system increases to about 100mm. This system is fine for new build properties where this depth can be designed in to the building. It is almost impossible to install this type of system in to an existing building without removing the existing floor and excavating down. Traditional underfloor heating takes a long time to heat up due to the fact that the pipes are buried under a thick layer of screed, which has to heat up first before it can emit heat into the space above it. A traditional system can take many hours & sometimes days to heat the floor slab to its desired operating temperature and takes nearly as long to cool down. Traditional underfloor systems are best suited for continuous operation which really makes them unsuitable for domestic properties where a constant temperature is not required 24 hours a day.


Modern Overfloor Heating

In comparison a modern overfloor heating system is installed directly on top of your existing floors, this dramatically reduces installation time and eliminates unnecessary disruption to your home. Floor coverings are applied directly on top to our overfloor heating system with no need for additional floor screed, this allows an overfloor heating system to reach its operating temperature in minutes rather than hours or days. An overfloor heating system provides heat up and cool down times comparable with traditional radiators which provides you with the ability to control the temperature of your home with a far higher degree of accuracy than a traditional underfloor system, which in turn makes your home more comfortable and economical heat. Overfloor heating has all the advantages of underfloor heating with none of the drawback that are usually associated with underfloor heating. Overfloor heating is suitable for any floor in any room in any type of property regardless of type or age.  

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Why Smart Underfloor Heating Is The Best

We Use Low Profile, High Performance German Engineered Floor Panels

Our 20mm deep low profile, over floor heating panel is the only panel available in the UK, that uses full sized 16mm diameter pipe, allowing them to deliver superior levels of performance when compared to the inferior panels supplied by our competitors that use 10mm or 12mm diameter pipe. Unlike our competitors we only use panels with 150mm pipe spacing’s and a 200 micron aluminium foil reflector, this allows our panels to heat up rapidly and allow for optimum control.

Wide Pipe Centers

Wide pipe spacing produce a low power heating system with minimal floor coverage leading to long warm up times, hot spots and cold “tram line” effects. Systems with wide pipe spacing’s are difficult to adjust and control. Systems that use panels with large spacing`s usual have to be run 24 hours a day to compensate for these problems.

Close Pipe Centers

Close pipe spacing’s produce a heating system with a high power output and provide a complete floor coverage that enable rapid warm up times and complete heating control. Systems with close pipe centres can be turned on, off, up or down as desired, saving you money and lowering your CO2 emissions. Ideal for old and new properties.

100 Micron Aluminium Reflector


Floor panels that use a 100 micron or less foil reflector have a tram-line effect heat output pattern and are prone to suffer from cold spots.


The above graph shows that panels with a 200 micron foil reflector provide the best level of performance with the fastest heat up times.

200 Micron Aluminium Reflector


On floor panels that use a 200 micro foil reflector the heat spreads fully across the board, emitting heat across the entire surface with no cool areas.

Our Range Of Floor Panels



Industrial Grade EPS 400 Board

An incredidably strong and lightweight insullation board faced with 200 micron aluminimum foil for optimum heat delivery. 16mm heating pipes are installed at 150mm centeres to provide an industry leading heat output. EPS panels can be installed directly on to any existing floor surface, and are designed to accept carpet, laminate, vinyl or ceramic, marble or stone tile finishes.


Wood Particle Chipboard

A high density particle chipboard designed for the heaviest of applications. Faced with 200 micron aluminimum foil for optimum heat delivery and utilising 16mm heating pipes, installed at 150mm centeres to provide an industry leading heat output. Chipboard panels can be installed directly on to any existing floor surface, and are designed to accept the heaviest of floor finishes.

Acoustic Fibre

Acoustic Wood Fibre Board

The ideal sulution for properties that require additional sound suppression. In addition to the 150mm pipe centers and 200 micron foil backing, these boards provide an additional -58 decibells of sound suppresion. These fibre panels can be installed directly on to any existing floor surface, and are designed to accept carpet, laminate, vinyl or ceramic tile finishes when a suitable backing board is used.

And Only The Finest Components


Pump Sets

Our low profile insulation boards are incredibly strong, lightweight and faced with 200 micron aluminium foil for optimum heat delivery. These panels can be installed directly on to any existing floor surface.


Heating Pipe

We only use the finest quality Pert/Al/pert heating pipe in our systems.  This pipe is the most widely used floor heating pipe in the world due to its high levels of efficiency that can increase heat output by as much as 8%.



We offer a complete range of thermostatic controls that complement your heating system. These controls allow you to fine tune your comfort levels and make your heating system more economical in operation.

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